Neretva valley

This region is famous for its mandarin plantations, and thus is also called "Golden Valley". Ideal climatic conditions made this place rich in other citrus fruits, grape vines, olive groves…


People of the region mostly live off agriculturism, tourism and fishing.


This season I would like to present to you this truly remarkable mansion that shares its name with the hill it rests upon.

Here are the origins of my ancestors and that is why it is of such importance to me.

This beauty on the hill offers a unique sensation during sunset.
The beauty of the region is indescribable in words, as are all of its scents, especially in Spring and summertime.


The only thing for you to do, my dear guests, is to come visit us and take a look yourselves. You will not regret it, I assure you.


Excursions - Neretva

Foto safari

The most famous trip here is the Foto safari, an exciting ride in a traditional boat of Neretva through the narrow river canales. You will be able to experience the beauty of the place directly on a trip very few of our visitors missed.

Hiking above Klek

visit to the ruins of the fortress of Smrden- grad and the church of Velika Gospa (holiday on August 15th)
Taking a walk from “Villa Stolovi” you can reach the fortress of the ancient Smrden-grad and the church of Velika Gospa where you can an enjoy an incredible view of Klek and the channel of Peljesac.

Fish picnic

A romantic boat ride from Klek to Ston with live music, wine, rakia, seafood specials, shells and fish. Sightseeing of Ston.


Visit to the ornithological collection of Metkovic

Ornithological collection of Metkovic is the second in the world containing around 300 items.


Visit to Narona

Narona is almost a symbol of our region. At its ancient remains grew a little village of Vid, very close to Metkovic, very proud of its rich past. Here the Romans left their deep mark. The archaeological museum of Vid keeps valuable memories of the towns famous past.


Opuzen summer

If you happen to be here in June or August and want to have some fun, feel how a small Dalmatian town breathes during summer months, make sure you come to Opuzen. This town offers all kinds of manifestations every day: Brudetijada, winemakers’ night, various folk games, festivals, evening of klapa, a boat marathon…



Must see stop of all believers.



A little town that has the longest walls in Europe, very famous for its extraordinary restaurants of seafood delicacies, especially shells.



Pearl of the South Adriatic, famous for its walls, convents, Stradun, and its old town center, visitors’ favourite place of gathering.